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Helga Arnalds founded the 10 FINGER theatre company in 1993. The theatre has since worked with many of the leading artists in Iceland. Helga Arnalds has developed her visual theatre over the years and gained many different recognitions for her work, among others the most distinguished prizes given for culture in Iceland the Optimism Prize 2012 for her work in children's theatre. Her theatre also won the 1st Prize for the best children’s performance in Iceland in 2015, 2012, 2008, and 2007. The theatre has toured with its productions in Scandinavia, Europe, Russia, Canada, USA, China, Tasmania and Australia

Helga also is the co-founder of the JUSTART group located in Aarhus Denmark and the BIG BODY network for artists and scholars from the Nordic countries working in the field of visual/performing arts and environmental philosophy focusing on the body, the senses and the landscape, through an embodied engagement with landscape.

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