top of page an award-winning cross-disciplinary artist based in Reykjavik Iceland where she divides her time working in the fields of Theatre and Visual Arts.

Helga has been developing an embodied devising method with her theater group 10 FINGERS for the last decade using materials such as paper, plastic, soil, and shadows to engage with the imagination of the spectator

through the sensorial - visual language.


As an artist, I have this constant longing to move forward and I also would like that what I have to offer will make something or someone else move forward.

Talking about complex problems we face in modern society is such that it gives you the feeling that it is not possible to talk about in any way that has been done before to not just repeat what has been said.

I am starting to suspect that the solution is within us. In our bodies and our emotions.

In each and every one.

Stories have certain codes that change as we and society change. 

What kind of stories and storytelling do we need today to move forward to touch that place of knowing?

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